Reddit rids itself of Nazi subreddits


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Good luck with that. I’ve seen previous attempts to curb bad behavior fail, it just takes a few tweaks in how the conversations are held and they can skirt around restrictions.


Still better than creating a forum where pro-Nazi talk is openly encouraged.


I approve


For sure, i think it’s good that Reddit is taking a stance on it. However a quick look and you’ll probably find plenty of other threads with really obviously shady content that regularly flies under the radar. 10/10 would not want to moderate.


yet the_donald still stands


“Do not post content that encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people.”

One would think this is as common sense as not eating your own poop, but WTF do I know. People are fucked up…


One might say it was a Night of Long Knives for Nazi subreddits.


I can give them an extra excuse. Look, violent behavior in the_dontld’s user base:


the_donald is the most infuriating subreddit.


Better late than never!


But mah freedum of hate speakin!


When I saw the announcement about the bans and updated policy, I thought that murder was the impetus and T_D would be the first to go. Apparently not (yet?).


While there will be a non-trivial amount of users/hate groups that skirt around the rules and start spreading hate again, there will be a sharp decline in hate speech.

I am looking forward to not seeing hate speech on Reddit, but it is possible this will be used against leftists. However, I do not think that will happen at a large scale.


Wow, they’re so progressive now…


While I’m sorry for the trauma he put his mother through, I admit that it pleased me to learn this bastion of right-wing, gamergate, redpill, Trumperism, the-donald, bovine colonic excretions, still lived in his parents basement and couldn’t hold down a job. Pretty much the stereotype everyone labels them with.


It’s not his fault, it’s just there is so much hate for straight, white, men. How can they be expected to participate in society with so much intolerance on the left?


Too late for that at Reddit.


Keep trying, Reddit!


Wonder if this is really just Reddit’s lawyers saying “you could be held liable.”