German Data Privacy Commissioner warns at new Copyright Directive will increase the tech oligopoly, make EU companies dependent on US filter vendors, and subject Europeans to surveillance by US companies

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As a German: Please, simply stop providing service for us!
Our legislation is simply to old and ignorant to get even the simplest concepts of modern technology.
We have a secretary of sience and schooling from the “Christian Democrats” that publicly defends our failure to compete by sayings like “slow may simply be the better in the end” or “sience has to stay behind our Christian worldview and artificial intelligence is not part of it”.
This is the same argument that Talibans use.

They build legislation on a wishlist of lobbyists and publishers, that demanded search engines to pay fees for the ‘preview/teasr’ in the search results against all warnings. Now the incoming traffic to news sites dropped and the publishers complain again.

They are all in total neglect of rational.

Just shut us down! Maybe that raises awareness.


Again, Cory, thanks for bringing this story to the fore. Sometimes I think folks don’t seem to understand that it’s all one internet. Knotting up the net in Europe hobbles it all over the world. Freedom of search is perhaps as important these days as freedom of speech.


“Or we’ll seize your dog!”; he added.


Your tax dollars at work…


If your content will need to be analyzed through third parties etc. does this have parts that contradict GDPR? probably not, but I think some implementations might end up violating one to fulfill the other.


GDPR has explicit exemptions for things that are required to be done by law.

oh that’s right, that would be another reason why the big companies like to support the filters then.

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