German government accepts that the Herero massacre was a genocide

Often the Armenian Massacres are referred to as the first genocide*. This is not exactly true, Germany was faster.

For decades this topic was ignored and white washed. Until today.

Germany officially refers to Herero massacre as genocide

Berlin has officially referred to colonial-era crimes committed by German troops in today's Namibia as genocide. The government has been criticized, however, for holding talks with Namibia without survivors' descendants.

Sure, without any consequences or - Heaven forbid! - compensations, but a first good and important step.

* Because of a resolution of the Bundestag designating the killings as genocide Turkey declared a political ice age.


Thanks for this, @renke. I have a book (Century of Genocide Samuel Totten et al, 2004) that covers the Hereros genocide. I believe it’s still in print if anyone is interested, and the book also covers Armenia, Soviet Union, Germany, Bosnia, Cambodia, and Rwanda. It’s actually marketed as a college text, but it’s an easy read and I highly recommend it.

eta: changed author attribution (book was in garage and Google gave me wrong book)


Wow! This is kind of amazing news! Good on Germany… decades late, but still. It was the right thing to do to acknowledge it.


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