German language now officially includes "shitstorm"

“Shitstorm” has been inducted into Duden, the official German dictionary. It was a favorite among linguists, who admired its applicability to the plagiarism scandal that led to the resignation of Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. Strangely, an equivalent German word was not created by stringing together 75 other German words. (via The Mary Sue) READ THE REST

I’m disappointed that the Germans didn’t at least string together Sturm and Scheissen. That combination has a nice ring to it.

It also reminds me of a funny thing that happened to a friend of mine in high school. His German teacher believed in an immersive approach, and wouldn’t speak English in class. He asked some older students how to say, “I don’t understand”. They told him it was, “Du bist ein scheisskopf”. He then used it and learned how to say “Report to the principal’s office” in German.


Yup. But let’s not turn it into a Sturm im Wasserglas.

For that reason I would argue that it should be “Scheißesturm”, since “Scheißsturm” would imply that the strom is shitty, not that it´s a shitstorm.

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Hehe being German I’m not offended, I find the rant with the 75 words stringed together quite funny. “Scheiß-Sturm” really sounds shit, and besides of that, anything with “Sturm” sounds vaguely Nazi, so we love shitstorm because it sounds great and is in a foreign language.


If it’s something from the internet, then it must be said in english because only that way you can prove you know how to navigate the Neuland.

When I really think about it, the word just brings on images I’d imagine to exist in Metalocalypse.

Looking forward to Hitler finding out that the German Chancellor is using English words now.


It’s not like the term lacks descriptiveness. C.f. “clusterfuck”

Scheisssturm sounds a lot like saying ‘Shitty storm’. I suppose you could say Kotsturm, but that doesn’t have as nice a ring to it. Maybe Kackorkan?

Scheissesturm. All the way.

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In my opinion, any English-speaking, German language student who couldn’t figure that out (maybe not the Scheiss part, but come on: Du bist ein…?) DESERVES to be sent to the principal…for being a Dummkopf.

It’s not even “Scheißesturm,” it’s just “shitstorm.” Compare to English, which took the term “Schadenfreude” and turned it into “that German word, you know the one, the one for this feeling.”

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FLIEGENDE KINDERSCHEISSE! How dare they start appropriating English expressions! What’s next, ‘Omnishambles’ ?

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She has to. Otherwise she would be unable to give proper cowtow to the US master race.


Thanks for reminding me omnishambles existed : D

Only heard it once or twice… I’d have expected James May to be on the case.

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