The Germans have a word for all your hard-to-process Trump emotions


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I thought backpfeifengesicht meant “face that must be slapped” not shithole, but maybe I’m just not reading the image right. You kids with your meems and jocularity.

I too love German compound nouns.


They can get a little ridiculous… just use a new word!


Shithole is a modifier, not a translation.


However, please note that Backpfeifengesicht already applies before he opens his mouth. If he does, he sounds clearly like a Arschgesicht with Wortdurchfall.


Yes. Yes, we do.


I prefer Arsch mit Ohren, but that’s not a compound word.

Das Leben ist ungerecht. Mist.


The infallible Google Translate replies “a face in need of a fist”. I like that one regardless of accuracy.


That would be INEFFICIENT.


How about Arschgeige then?


Off topic, but just in case:
Ich bin enttäuscht.


perhaps they could annex some nearby peaceful words?


Also, from my dad’s childhood in Berlin: Doppelverdienergesicht, translates as “dual-income face” but means your face deserves to be slapped twice


Probably more fitting for Donnie.


Ha I like it. Will use it from now on.


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