German pedestrians play Pong on traffic light controls


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TIL “Scheiße” = “damn”

Actually, it means “shit”; I think the translator was just being polite.

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The Germans sure love their technology.

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Vielen Dank, Jim. Ich habe tatsächlich die wirkliche Definition zu verstehen und war als ein typisch sarkastischen Amerikaner. Die Deutschen sind immer höflich und ich machte einen freundlichen zwicken. You capisce? Have a nice day!

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Such a simple project but actually very impactful - I love the high five at the end, which I could imagine happening all the time. It just shows how getting people off their smartphones and building interactions between strangers creates more community.


Shit, actually. That’s where your word comes from i believe.

Though unintended, this is a perfect tribute to German-born Ralph Baer, the inventor of video games who died over the weekend.

Just in case no one remembers when this was posted back in the day (2 years ago!), this was never a real installation, it’s just a video “mock-up”. Neat thing is, it inspired a real version to be created!

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