Painstation: a Pong cabinet that whips you when you lose


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You can play it in Berlin. It’s fun, until it isn’t :innocent:


Meh. The technology for this was better in the 80s.


You get to be a loser and get whipped? There might be a market for this.


They got one at Computerspielemuseum in Berlin. It is highly addictive, you come to fear the electrical shock quite a lot. You have to sign a liability waiver before playing though.


Civilization is indeed moving in the right direction.


We had one of these in my house growing up.

It was called my older brother Ben.


Given that it’s a Pong cabinet, perhaps there should be an option for it to spray you with skunk-scent when you lose, maybe…


Maybe would be better if the game wasn’t designed to be a multiball asshole…


First, let me say: Neat! and Want!

I’m a fairly unsophisticated middle-aged white male. Never went to university. Haven’t read the classics. Can someone tell me what makes this “art”? The linked Wikipedia page says it’s an “interactive art object”. To me, it’s just a video game with an interesting reward system.

I just don’t get it. I suspect it’s just me.


seent this in 2003-2004 at Wired NextFest chicago -

they also had a cloned cat there!


Yeah, I wanted to say I remember this being at least a 10 year old thing.

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