Gerry Adams says the IRA never targeted Bono

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Not even after the iTunes thing?


Yeah, if it was over the itunes thing, I’s say

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Bono was never in the firing line.

On the other hand, Daniel o’Donnell was.

At least, according to the story.
The IRA had captured Margaret Thatcher, Brian Faulkner and Daniel O’Donnell. Word came to them that their safe house was no longer safe, and that they should “send all captives to their tea” before they vacated the place. Unfortunately they only had two bullets left. So they shoot Daniel O’Donnell twice, just to make sure.


Bono is such a dick that he makes actual real human misery about him. It was never about him. He had nothing to do with the North. He never actually cared and was always fucking ignorant about it. It’s really fucking insulting to the people who actually suffered that he comes out with shit like this.

Not that that ever stopped him shiteing on about stuff.

PS the umbrella group of Loyalist terrorists came out with a statement yesterday threatening action unless they get their way. That’s the news. Not Bono.

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But he wrote that one song!!! Doesn’t that PROVE it was all about him? /s

Ugh… got a link for that?


You have to read through Belfast Telegraph doublespeak to understand this but it’s a plain threat from the umbrella organisation of loyalist terrorists if the DUP don’t renage on the protocol that came from their deal with the English Tories.

Letter from Loyalist groups warns of ‘dire consequences’ if NI Protocol remains

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October 27, 2022 Thursday 5:43 PM GMT

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Byline: Allison Morris

Highlight: Contents of hard-hitting letter supported by loyalist groupings


Loyalist groups have warned of “dire consequences” if there is no movement on the Northern Ireland Protocol in a letter that indicates support for the paramilitary ceasefires may be waning.

With no political agreement at Stormont and an election seemingly inevitable, the loyalist groupings have issued a letter via the Loyalist Communities Council (LCC).

It is understood that the contents of the hard-hitting letter were agreed with and supported by the leaderships of all the main loyalist paramilitary groups, including the UDA, UVF and RHC.

The letter carries a clear warning that Irish Government ministers should not visit Northern Ireland.

“As the threat of an election looms, we feel it important to re-iterate our view that there can be no weakening or ‘backsliding’ on the clear and unambiguous commitments made to our community by political unionism in relation to the protocol, and its impact upon the political and peace process”, it states.

Stormont fails to elect new speaker just hours before deadline for Christmas election

In March last year the LCC said it was temporarily withdrawing its backing for the Good Friday Agreement because of concerns about the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Today the group went one step further and, in the letter addressed to unionist leaders, warned of tensions within loyalist communities.

The letter, seen by the Belfast Telegraph, will be sent to the DUP’s Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, UUP leader Doug Beattie, Jim Allister of the TUV and Billy Hutchinson of the PUP.

It states: “It is difficult to put into words the tension which this has created, and we would hope unionist leaders would send a clear and unequivocal message in regards to this issue.

“The message from loyalism should be heard and understood clearly: there are no circumstances in which joint-authority would be tolerated, and any effort to impose it would inevitably have dire consequences for the progress made from 1994 onwards”.

The mention of 1994 is thought to be a reference to the ceasefires announced by the Combined Loyalist Military Command on October 13, 1994 and indicates support for the cessation is no longer as strong as it once was.

It also suggests that those with influence in loyalist communities would be unable to control violence should it erupt on the streets.

“In such circumstances, loyalist activists who have worked tirelessly for peace (even in the most trying of circumstances, such as the injustice of the protocol) would be powerless to prevent an unprecedented reaction,” the statement adds.

“It would greatly assist our efforts at maintaining stability if our government can firmly reject any move towards joint authority, as they have had to do on previous occasions

“There can be no return to Stormont whilst the protocol remains in place”.

Speaker after speaker rose to savage the DUP for paralysing Stormont’s institutions, pleas were made, but they fell on deaf ears

There is also a warning to Irish politicians visiting Northern Ireland. Earlier this year Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney had to flee a peace building event in north Belfast after a hoax bomb was driven into the carpark of the Houben Centre.

The letter states visits by Irish ministers “continues to inflame anger” in loyalist communities.

“It cannot be forgotten how Messrs Varadkar and Coveney used the threat of IRA bombs for political leverage.

“The anger and offence to the many victims of republican bombing campaigns caused by this irresponsible rhetoric not only persists, but continues to increase and we are yet to receive any apology or sign of contrition from the Irish Government.

“The continued presence of Irish Government ministers visiting ‘sanitised audiences’ in Northern Ireland continues to inflame anger and tension in loyalist communities, and we would strongly urge that unionist political leaders make clear that the Irish Government should not be visiting Northern Ireland whilst the protocol remains, unless and until there is a significant change of attitude and recognition of the legitimate interests of the unionist and loyalist community.

“In addition, the recent suggestions from Sinn Fein and Alliance as to joint-authority has raised tensions yet further. All our activists are working tirelessly within local communities to restrain loyalists from lashing out in unproductive ways.

“This work is being made extremely difficult when it is now suggested that the whole basis of peace and the Belfast Agreement, namely the principle of consent, is to be even further overridden by imposing upon the unionist community joint-authority as a ‘punishment’ for daring to demand equality under the Agreement”.

The LCC letter calls for the full restoration of Article VI of the Acts of Union and for Northern Ireland to no longer be subject to EU law or the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

“Finally, we would urge strong unionist co-operation throughout any snap election which may be called, with all unionist candidates firmly behind the message that the choice is a binary one: power sharing or the Protocol. The failure to co-operate in May led directly to Sinn Fein becoming the largest party.

“This cannot be allowed to be repeated,” it adds.


My crush on Gerry Adams continues unabated.



Uh Oh Sam GIF by GLOW Netflix

That’s really all we need right now, a return to full-on hostilities in NI…

Mm hm…



Get a room.


He’s killed at least 50 people.

Patrick Radden Keefe came into my work to discuss “Say Nothing” shortly after its release. Someone asked him why there are so many books/movies about the IRA, and none focused on the perspective of the UVF. His said, “It’s hard to get an audience to empathize with members of the group in power who will literally kill you to defend the status quo.”

I think about that a lot.


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