Young Oxford Conservatives leader abuses DMCA to censor reporting of his calling Mandela a "terrorist"


I know you’re only quoting the Tab, but what do you think this means, “A student at Wadham, which ends every bop with “Free Nelson Mandela””?

What’s a bop?

How do you end a bop?

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While the article is interesting - someone altering their e-history often is - you appear to have confused belief, opinion and fact in a few short lines.

The student doesn’t believe Mandela was terrorist - he openly states that he was a terrorist. This opinion is a product of fact, an uncomfortable fact.

It’s an awkward truth that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist and not the elder pacifist we now remember him as. If history is written by the victors, uncomfortable history is rewritten by the embarrassed.

Also, a little less Tory bashing on here please. It’s cheap and misguided - sometimes woefully so. The party faithful follow polices out of administrative convention, not desire.

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A bop, would i think be a dance, the song can be found here

I have no problem with using the word terrorist to describe mandela, just like i have no problem using it to describe WW2 partisans or any other group of freedom fighters. Asymmetric warfare specialist practitioner is a bit of a mouthful, but using the DMCA here is just stoopid.

Well hopefully this will kill any future chances he has of being an MP or similar.


“Bop” used to be, and evidently at some places still is, slang for a dance, or an evening of dancing; particularly at Oxford, I suspect it’s also a backronym from “Big Open Party”.

Wadham has had a tradition of ending its parties with the song “Free Nelson Mandela” since [looks it up] 1987.


It’s not just a tradition, the students passed a motion requiring that Free Nelson Mandela be played at the end of each bop.


Never knew it was formalised, though I vaguely remember hearing about the practice at the time. I didn’t know it was still going on till this story.

While I’m at it, maybe I should edit to “backronym to…”.

A law student in the UK used a US statute against a UK company without even the most spurious establishment of a US nexus for that company, and in a manner that would have been trivially incorrect even had the company been in the US?

And in the UK, abusive-libel-suit capital of the world? Oxford should drop him like a bad habit just for making their law program look silly; because that’s just pitiful…


Sorry, the kid still comes out as a douchebag. Mandela advocated violent action against an openly and unapologetically racist and xenophobic government that then threw him in jail for a long, long time.
As for your embarrassed re-truthing, I say hogwash, old boy.


As a young man, Mandela was a terrorist, while fighting against an oppressive - some would say “terroristic” - government. He also served time for his crimes, and emerged from prison a different person.

Do you believe that people can never change, and can never outlive past sins? Be very careful when throwing stones like that.

When Mandela died he was not, in fact, a terrorist. He was, in fact, an elder pacifist.

Revisionist history is written by all sides, but the bulk of it seems to come from the political right.


I’m not sure how one ends, but they all start with ‘MMM’.


Of course, OUCA have repeatedly had their university affiliation removed- for racist jokes at hustings, and most recently for an unpaid debt to a London club. This meant that they couldn’t use the word “University” in their name or have a stall at Freshers’ Fair,


@mawt The issue is the DMCA abuse, not the semantic pedantry you’ve engaged in here to change the topic and confuse readers.

I see. So you’re calling the Tory “party faithful” a bunch of brainless sheep. In that case, they and their party deserve to be bashed.

Also if you don’t agree with this site’s editorial policies or political views, you should go read something else.


Of course, it’s pretty convenient to be in a position where any action the oppressed take against their oppressors can be written off as “terrorism.” Are you seriously deluded enough to think that any nonviolent resistance to Apartheid would have changed anything? Or do you simply think that people who are getting fucked (violently, I might add) by the system should just suck it up, because if they’d had the sense to choose better parents, they wouldn’t be in that situation?


They are a Tory, so yes they do.


It’s an awkward truth that Mawt is a racist, and not the commenter we now remember him as. If history is written by the victors, uncomfortable history is rewritten by the embarrassed.


I think the words he was looking for were “Freedom Fighter.”
Like all of the colonial terrorists who tried to overthrow the rightful government of America.
I guess all of those American Terrorists were okay though.


I just wish that there was a clearer picture of Jeff Vinall, so I can actively try to avoid him.

I was wondering if he was a US citizen studying there for a bit.