Get 35 free audio books from Tor's new horror imprint

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Coo! … oh, google play audiobooks. nm.

Is it North America only? I get told item not found.

So Tor believes that libraries are cannibalizing sales by selling ebooks to them and have explicitly pushed to have an embargo but step right up Google. Have them for free.
Scary story for real and pretty lame. Support your public library.


This was one of the first times in a while where I was going in to the comments for some angry-snark.

And you beat me to the punch.

Me too! I signed in for the first time to post this.

You don’t need the app - Android or iOS (or even a mobile phone or a tablet for that matter) - if you’re signed into a Google account.
After getting your selection at the link provided in OP access your library and use the online player at On a mobile device circumvent the app nag by requesting the desktop site in your browser.

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