Get a rechargeable, Apple Magic Mouse 2 at over 30% off

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Apple Magic Mouse user here. This thing is barely usable and if my office provided any options I’d switch immediately.

Note that this is all after getting used to the mouse for a year or two.

It’s uncomfortable—there’s not much of it to hold that isn’t part of the sensing surface. My hand has slowly settled into a permanent claw shape.

It’s imprecise. Because the mouse button is also the scroll surface, when you drag-and-drop, the mouse generates scroll and zoom signals while you drag.

You can’t charge it and use it at the same time—the charging cable plugs in on the bottom of the mouse.

The scrolling and zooming can’t be customized and uses “momentum” that means I often watch several pages scroll by past what I was looking for, scramble to stop the scroll and scroll back, only to discover it’s still responding to the initial scroll and then overcorrecting back to several pages before, and I finally give up and click and drag a scrollbar like it’s 1992.

That said, it looks like a robot ladybug had a baby with a bar of soap, so if that’s your thing.


Before buying that mouse, check which grip you prefer, the Apple Mouse only works well with the fingertip grip, and quickly becomes extremely uncomfortable with palm grip or claw grip.

Is the connector still at the bottom of said mouse, preventing you from using it while it is charging?

FWIW: I like Logitech mice. I prefer their cheapest one to an Apple mouse.


Everything you said it true.

The only thing I like about the Magic Mouse compared to a $12 Logitech is the multitouch and side scroll capabilities. It’s literally the only reason I use it.

I realize Apple like to keep their devices “sleek”, but there’s no substance to hold onto the damn thing. If it had a little taller profile or just a bit more ergonomic it would be great (despite the $80 price tag new - $60 bucks for refurbished is better but still way, way overpriced).

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I prefer the Magic Mouse to other mice - I suppose it’s all about what works for you. But the charging port on the bottom - not cool, really not cool.

I use a fingertip grip and I could never figure out where I was supposed to be tapping.

Apple makes some good products but mice are not on that list. Have they gained the ability to right and left click at the same time? That’s important for the few macOS compatible games.

After several Logitech mice with questionable range and buttons that died after 2 years use, I switched to a Microsoft mouse - no problems since.

I once gave a lightning talk about this mouse at a confernece. The theme was that the design of this mouse communicated Apple’s institutional priorities. The choice to put the charging port on the bottom was obviously a VERY SPECIFIC design choice from the world’s most design-focused company. And the message of that design choice is “‘wireless’ is more important than ‘useful’”. A charging port in any other location would run the risk of someone seeing the mouse while it was charging, and thinking it was a wired mouse. Can’t have that!


I’ll admit, I’ve never used the MM2, so I can’t say it wouldn’t annoy me, but it charges 8 hours worth in 2 minutes, wouldn’t it make sense to charge it during a break or something if it gets low? It’s designed so you’ll never “need” to use it while it is charging, at least that’s what it seems like to me.

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Great point. The next one will be Qi charge only, I suspect.

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