Apple's Magic Mouse hacked to be ergonomic

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Why bother if you’re not going to make it a vertical mouse!


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I never really had a problem with the comfort of the magic mouse. Most of the time it was fine, although working in Excel could be somewhat spastic because of the scrolling, and the few games I play … just plain no. Eventually I ended up turning it off and switching to a good old fashion wired mouse with a scroll wheel.

This, however, was stupidity beyond comprehension.


Or you could get something like, and get wireless charging. So you swap your phone and mouse when you start and stop working.


I’ve always pictured Apple’s mouse department as the place where they dump all the bad senior designers they can’t fire for various reasons. From their lack of understanding of how human bodies work and how people think, I suspect a lot of them are hardcore Libertarians.

Another exhibit:


it’s quite well thought out…

Yes but does it fit in a manila envelope?

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I might be wrong, but although Apple was the company that introduced WIMP to the consumer market, I don’t think it has ever produced a truly comfortable mouse.

Microsoft Intellimouse all the way.


I don’t know if I’m some kind of outlier or other people just like to complain, but I love the Magic Mouse: I’m on my second one, because I wore out the first one. I find it extremely comfortable to use — it’s plenty ergonomic as far as I’m concerned — and the charging port on the bottom never troubled me: just plug it in at the end of the day every now and then and you’re good to go. I’m not some kind of mindless Apple fanboy (the circular mouse that came with the original iMacs was a travesty) but I think this is a perfectly good piece of equipment.

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Impressive, but you could also just use a less shitty mouse to begin with.


I have a stock of Pro Mouses that i use on all Macs which is dwindling due to old age, i have never found them uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, my hand was cramping after an hour trying to make that flat abomination work properly. I’ll keep my Logitech, thanks.


^ This.

When I got my iMac, never even bothered plugging in the keyboard and mouse it came with, ergonomic keyboard and logitech mouseman+ right from the get go.

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