Is your home office giving you carpal tunnel? This ergonomic mouse can help fix that

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Seriously: my own mouse is much better than anything my employer provided me with. I’m through several of them, not even taking into account the ergonomics!

Working at home would we great if I lived alone & if I had proper access to the resources I need (i.e., among others, internal networkwork drives full of data and paperwork, paywalled journals, our HPC) & if I had proper means of communication. Oh, and if I would be legally allowed to use my own equipment, that is.



When used correctly this mouse places unpleasant and eventually painful pressure on the pisiform bone (the little bone where the pinkie side of the palm of your hand meets your wrist).

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This mouse can only be used in the right hand. In my experience the best way to reduce stress on your hands is to use a mouse in the left hand. This balances the load more evenly between the hands because the right hand has to hit enter and delete.

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This has been my mouse for 20 years or so, now. It has saved my ability to actually work. Without it I’d have been utterly lost. Very highly recommended.

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I started using the Apple Magic Trackpad as soon as it came out ten years ago, and never looked back.

Me too. The one they’re selling is an ok cheap alternative, but evoluent is the best.

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This looks almost identical to the Anker vertical mouse I have at work. It’s not really vertical, closer to 45°, but it certainly helped my wrists/arms.

Although, now I think about it, I should probably bring it home. I think most of the benefit was in using a vertical mouse during the day and a flat one at home.

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