The $7 vertical ergonomic mouse is not awful

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Can’t speak to this make/model, but I’ve been using an Evoluent 2 vertical mouse for 8 years.
It is awesome, and I have never regretted the switch.


Have you tried trackball mice, such as the Logitech M570? Just curious if that has helped or not.

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I recommend a trackball. I’ve been using one for years for my incipient RSI in conjunction with a variable-height chair with arms, positioned so that I can rest my elbows and forearms on the chair arms, extend my hand out horizontally and manipulate the trackball without having to hold my hand or arm muscles rigid or bend my hand up at the wrist. I generally use the trackball with my non-dominant hand and switch it from time to time. Sitting the trackball on the under-desk keyboard tray puts it at the right height in conjunction with the chair.

I was worried about RSI too, but Instead of getting a weird mouse, I just learned to use the mouse left-handed. It was a little bit weird for a few weeks, but now I am completely ambixtrous with the mouse and swap back back and forth a couple of times a day.

I started doing that around the turn of the millennium, not because of that but because the mouse cable wouldn’t reach, and stuck by it. It’s actually very practical as it leaves the right hand free for the numbers pad or a pen.

It’s very easy to get used to it, and no problem to switch between different computers running in right hand mode / left hand mode.

The trick is to

  • set the mouse to left hand mode
    -train yourself that “left click” = “use index finger” and “right click” = “use middle finger”

That way you can switch between modes without thinking about it, your muscle memory will do the work for you.

Nice side effect at work: most people won’t mess around with your computer anymore because they’ll get confused. It even perplexes the IT guys.

I am right handed, and I had a lot of pain in my wrist until I moved my mouse to my left hand. The enter and delete keys put a lot of load on the right hand, and you can balance the load by using your left hand to operate the mouse.

I’ve got the wired version of that Anker vertical mouse, and I can confirm that it works just fine. I only use it at work, but it’s stopped the weird pains I was getting in my wrist/arm so I guess it’s doing good things.
One thing, the Anker design is more of a “forty-five degree” mouse, rather than being completely vertical. I find it really comfortable, YMMV.

(When I first bought it I got two in a row with bad scroll wheels, but they replaced them really quickly, and I’ve had no problems since)

I am using an Anker wireless ergonomic mouse and, though there is a bit of a skill-learning curve, I think these devices may replace the old-style mice.

I concur with Phuzz, I switched to the Anker wired mouse at work and home. The wrist pain I was experiencing disappeared within a couple of weeks. Also moved to a M$ 4000 Ergonomic Keyboard.

I like “not awful” as a review summary.

“wireless charging the mouse game”

not at all sure I like the sound of that game.

Same here. One at home, and one at my request made available to me at work. Beauteous.

A suggestion for yet another model of vertical mouse. Please let me know how it turns out… okay?

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Try telling your significant other that they are “not awful”.

That’s Jimmy, he’s a fine, upstanding mouse.

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Little guy doesn’t look too happy at the prospect of being a human interface device.

That said, if we can do it in cats; it might actually be possible to turn a mouse into an optical mouse.

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