The Sinji Ergonomic Mouse could be the answer to all your hand, wrist, and forearm pains

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I got one of these when I started getting wrist pain, and I swear by it. Ergonomic mice used to be very expensive, so I’m glad that there’s a whole slew of these cheaper mice for people to try. The mouse is light weight, the battery lasts a long time (two AAs), and the “handshake” grip is very comfortable. Even though my pain is gone, it’s the only kind I buy now.

Actually, making sure you’re sitting up straight (or standing) and your arms are at a natural 90 degree angle, and you’re not looking down at your monitor will help more in the longer term (hint, it starts in strained neck and shoulder muscles, sort of like dominos)

I am right handed but I moved the mouse to my left hand. It worked wonders because my right was doing much of the work and experiencing most of the stress of using a computer.

Weird, it looks identical to the Anker mouse I use at work, almost like it’s completely identical…

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Unpopular opinion: the classic mouse is an ergonomic clusterfuck. Get yerself a proper trackball that allows you to move the pointer without needing to move your entire arm.

I have been using the Kensington TurboMouse (the one that looks like it has an actual billiard ball sitting in it) for a couple few decades and I couldn’t possibly be happier with that choice. I get about five to seven years of near-daily use out of them, and quite surprisingly, they now cost less than they used to.

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At work, we have leased PCs that get replaced every now and then, but the trackball I use is mine. I tell the IT guys that anyone who tries to take it is going to lose a hand.

Though recently I was looking for a three-button scrollwheel mouse, and options with trackaballs are very few. I ended up getting a Logitech one, but it’s not as nice as the Kensington.


I have found that pretty much without exception, coworkers are lowkey terrified of the giant trackball on my desk. Not why I use them, but it sure helps.

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