3M Gel Wrist Rest $11

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If you haven’t tried them before you might check out some of Microsoft’s keyboards that are tilted up towards the front. They hold your wrist at a really nice angle. The sculpt comfort version works great in my experience: http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-V4S-00001-Sculpt-Comfort-Keyboard/dp/B008OEHS04

Working desk-side tech support, I hated seeing these things…they were always gross with peoples’ food crumbs and other detritus. But don’t ever pick it up to move it out of the way, since it’s even more disgusting underneath!

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Love my MS Sculpt Ergo! That, and putting the banjo up for a while, has alleviated my wrist issues!
(Lots of people ask me about the ergo mouse… It’s ok, two or three 8 hour days is all it took for me to get used to it and the keyboard. I don’t know if the mouse helped that much with ergoness, but it is nice enough that I choose this mouse over adding a different mouse and yet another USB receiver.)

Hey, how do I get in on the fun and send Boing Boing some amazon monies??

Eeeeh, if you’ve got wrist pains, you’ll quickly need something a bit more serious than a discount gel pad. I can also vouch for the Microsoft Natural keyboards, which are cheap ($30 on Amazon!).

Really, if you use a keyboard daily, you should long since have upgraded away from the crappy rectangular keyboards that are infuriatingly still the default to this day. Curse you QWERTY! Curse you!

So is this a paid ad or not? (I.E. does BB earn anything from posting this or not?) It’s getting harder and harder to tell on here…

amazon pays boingboing for readers who buy things… any things. So hopefully at least Mark is being honest that he uses and likes this product, no reason not to as amazon likely sells most every general consumer item Mark has ever enjoyed.

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Definitely, but I use one in the hope that I won’t get wrist pains in the first place. :wink: For the same reason, I have a mouse pad with a similar gel wrist pad.
But yes, they do get a bit gross.

The current battle for my colleagues and I is to convince HR to get us standing desks - the current policy is to provide them for people with existing problems, but not those at ‘high’ risk of developing them in future.

Very good tool. I have the 6.5"-long iteration right in front of my mousing surfaces (I have one on each side to spread the no-carpal tunnel joy). For what it’s worth, the surfaces (non-skid backing) are by 3M: best I’ve ever used. Find them here: http://www.amazon.com/3M-Precise-Non-Skid-Design-Bitmap-MP114-BSD1/dp/B00L2AN9PK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453902763&sr=8-1&keywords=3m+mouse+pad

I’ve used these things for years.

Half of it for their intended purpose of wrist-rests, the other half as elbow rests for when gaming with a controller at my PC :wink:

How very 90’s. All the ergonomics folks I’ve talked to now advise not resting your wrists on anything because it blocks blood flow. Rest your hands at your side or in your lap in between typing.

We use these things at the hospital I work at. They leak goop and are basically awful for workplace use. perhaps better for home use but I’ve seen some made out of clear jelly like plastic that work better without looking like they are oozing white puss.

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