Get deep rest under these hypoallergenic bamboo sheets

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Wow, it’s amazing how the Taupe, Light Gray, White, and Aqua sheets all have the same wrinkles, and how the the Navy and Gray sheets also have identical wrinkles, but different than the Taupe, Light Gray, White, and Aqua sheets. /s

Seriously though, if you’re going to just manipulate the photos to show the different product colors, why not use just one photo?


Maybe it’s the same person who makes up all the beds?


The marketing of these sheets (and most ‘bamboo’ cloth) as ‘bamboo’ is rather misleading.

They’re made of viscose or some other rayon variant. Which can be synthesized from cellulose. You can get the cellulose from trees or bamboo but it make absolutely no difference for the final product. Furthermore the synthesizing of most rayon variants is rather polluting and involving various hazardous chemicals.

Viscose is a nice material but the global spinning of this material as ‘bamboo’ is just marketing bordering on lying.


What’s worse is that it is possible to spin actual bamboo fiber into a rather nice fabric (using basically the same technique as linen), so if you’re actually looking for bamboo “flax” you’ll never find it among the sea of rayon.


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