These sheets are really soft and you haven't made them dirty yet

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So you made these sheets from bamboo professor?


Rayon doesn’t really care where the cellulose it’s made from comes from. Cellulose is cellulose, you could make rayon from lawn clippings or newspaper.


Yes, Gilligan, I did. Now if you would close the door on your way out so I can tuck Mary Anne in, I’d really appreciate that.


…and you haven’t made them dirty yet

Give me two minutes.


Are we around to these sheets again? I swear this ad shows up about every 2 weeks. None of the reviews are very complimentary for what you get; I found a set of these sheets marked way down at the local discount store and while they were okay, they weren’t $39.99 wonderful.

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We’ve had a really hard time with sheets.

We have many cats, this means a lot of fur. So far we’ve found that you need a REALLY tight weave to keep that fur from adhering to bedsheets - 800 thread count sheets to be exact, which is expensive as all hell to try and find.

On top of that, a lot of the 1000+ sheets seem to be doing some sort of skullduggery to get to those numbers - they rip easily or degrade quickly. I know the weave pattern matters as well, but getting this information about sheets is abysmally difficult. We cross our fingers when we buy new ones and see how they do when our kitties “donate” their test-fur for us.

Because of that, I’ve generally tried to stay with 800 thread-count egyptian cotton only (and there’s a whole story for egyptian cotton, let me tell you, they love to add adjectives like “egyptian-cotton comfort” or "feel’ or “soft” or whatever, so that they turn it into an adjective instead of an actual description of the content.

Unfortunately, that puts a sheet set above $200(CDN) to buy. Ugh.


You Lover Boy, you!

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Came for the headline; left.

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So I was really excited about bamboo sheets and bamboo towels when I first discovered them. Then I learned a bit more about how they’re made.

See here for more details:

Key quote (also the opening sentence): “Clothing and textiles derived from bamboo must be labelled as rayon or viscose to counter a widely held but mistaken perception that the fabric is environmentally friendly…”

“Bamboo sheets” is just a fancy way of saying “polyester sheets.” There is literally no difference between the two.

UPDATE BECAUSE I HATE BEING WRONG: There is actually a big difference between the two. “Since rayon is made from highly processed plant materials, it is neither entirely natural or entirely synthetic. Rayon is cheap to produce. Polyester is made from processed petroleum.”

But still not awesome.

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Some day I need to hunt for a comparison between cradle-to-grave cotton and bamboo textiles. I wonder how much energy savings there is from using bamboo, which is essentially the most fuel-efficient grass in the world, versus the easier processing necessary for cotton.

On top of that, one can pretty much grow bamboo anywhere. Cotton, not so much. There’s some interesting questions there for something like Nova someday. :slight_smile:

looks like the “dirty frog dance” was committed on those sheets.

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“In 2010, the FTC issued letters to over 100 companies informing them that they were illegally selling products made of rayon by mislabeling them as being made from bamboo, deceiving environmentally conscious consumers into believing they were buying items made from a natural fabric manufactured in a way that is considered to be more environmentally friendly than the chemical processing involved in turning raw materials, such as bamboo, into a silky smooth rayon.”

from the wikipedia article on viscose/rayon.


The nicest bedding set I ever had was made from T-shirt type cotton. God, they were wonderful. I miss them very much.

Crappy sheets…I ordered two different sizes. Neither of the bottom sheets will stay on the mattress and the top sheet simply won’t stay tucked in.

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