Get high for free: stare in a friend's eyes for ten minutes


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Dissociative states are not necessarily pleasant states.


Ten minutes? How can I do that? I’m busy checking my Facebook.


I have heard of this crazy free high from getting naked and rubbing your bits with/in those of another so addicting that some people waste hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour and in some cases jeopardize their family integrity, career, and even national security to get more.
It will probably be banned within a few months once congress and the cops find out.


No need for friends. It’s enough if you stare into your own eyes in the mirror. I used this trick to get high all the time when I was a kid.

Makes me wonder what researchers are busy researching these days.

Comparing the questionnaire scores in the current study with those reported in his past research, Caputo says that what he calls "interpersonal gazing" has a more powerful dissociative effect than staring into a mirror.


I wonder if this would be any good for detecting psychopaths. If the researchers came back to a strangely-deserted test chamber, the ones still seated sporting self-congratulatory smirks might be just those psychopaths.


Didn’t Marina Abramovic already do this to all of New York a few years ago?

Me and my kid were obssessed with the videos and pictures from this event. We checked on it daily, I remember.


I think I’d rather just pay for drugs instead of trying to find one of these ‘friends’.


Yeah, mirror staring was always good low-budget fun in my youth. I’ve seen myself as a skull, a flaming skull, a chimp, other people, some kind of gas and lord knows what else. Constellations swirling around my floating eyes, my face plummeting down an endless, rippling tunnel of chameleon velvet… and yet my daughter could walk into a shop and buy a mirror, no questions asked. Well, obviously there’d be trouble when she got home. I WON’T HAVE YOU EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR REFLECTION IN THIS HOUSE, YOUNG LADY.


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