Man takes a drug-free "psychedelic trip" and is pleasantly surprised to discover it doesn't suck

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I believe it. Anyone who has experienced any kind of immersive sound knows you kind of “trip” after a while. If you’re sitting or lying down with your eyes closed, you tend to float away from your body, at least a little bit.


I’ve certainly had experiences with holotropic breathwork that were extremely altering.


This sounds like an Ajna light. They claim it stimulates the pineal gland? They’re ridiculously expensive if you want to buy one - and you have to have a seperate iPad that is not included. So you can see why they’re charging 250$ a session. That said, my wife has had the opportunity to try one and said it’s pretty amazing. I remain sceptical.

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“Dude, can you imagine how incredible that would have been. . . on weed?

(I’m quoting a guy I knew in college here, he really said that about damn near everything.)


This sounds a great deal like my experiences in a John Lilly-style isolation/floatation tanks. If anyone is interested you can search the web for one nearby. They typically cost about a dollar per minute.


But if I get addicted to a drug free experience 250 bucks an hour can get pretty expensive.

I’d be interested in trying but I’m terrified of anything that might lead me to the real stuff so I’d pass but it does sound like a cool experience for regular people.

@brokenwords I just googled float tanks, there are a couple within a reasonable distance of me, that looks cool and might be something I’d try.


Wasn’t there some movie about those things, where the guy regresses into some sort of primal creature?

(Yes, I’m talking about “Altered States”.)


On the plus side, actual mushrooms are much cheaper!


Was this college friend a fan of the Half Baked movie?


What’s the point? You don’t even get thrill of gambling on what you bought isn’t a deadly “research chemical”.

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followed by: “Dude! You gotta play miniature golf.” ?

I haven’t listened in years, and I’m not sure if/when I’ll do it again, but Metal Machine Music did this for me.

I immersed in a Lillian isolation tank circa 1967. Didn’t improve me any. Bother.

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But avoid peyote-flavored toothpaste. Yikes.

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That’s funny, I’d forgotten about that, and maybe I juggled it around in my mind (he probably said “when you’re high” instead of “on weed”) , but I did have a friend in college who was just like that.

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