Get hours of listening with these durable wireless earbuds

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How many joules of energy plugged into your head?

Is that a serious question? They’re powered by a rechargeable Varta CP 1454. I’m guessing the voltage is around 2.5V, since the CP 1454 has a typical capacity of 90mAh in the 4.2-3.0V voltage drop period, and the specs for these headphones say they’re 100mAh. But let’s round up to make the numbers more scary and say 3.5V.
So, mAh * voltage * 3.6 = J
100 * 3.5 * 3.6 = 1,260J each.

But joules aren’t a very useful measure of danger to human physiology. You need about 0.1A to stop the heart muscle, and the human body has quite high electrical resistance. Let’s say 300 ohms. If both the headphones fully discharged simultaneously into your skull, you’d need them to be around 15V, not the 3.5 or so V they actually are.

All that said, this isn’t a great deal. By pure coincidence, I just picked up a pair of TaoTronics wireless earbuds for $40. Admittedly, they only promise 3 hours of play time, but the charging case doubles as a USB charger with a 3,350mAh capacity, and you can use one earbud while the other one is charging.

On the other hand, I reckon that’s enough energy to leave a spectacular burn if the batteries happen to explode. Not that such a thing is likely to happen, of course.

"No other consumer product places a battery with a known explosion hazard such as this in such close proximity to the human body,” it said.

The Smoke-E Mountain mod e-cig responsible for that incident packs a 2,600mAh battery, over an order of magnitude bigger. Incidentally, your cellphone? Around 3,000mAh.

Well, that’s a refreshingly honest headline. Not hours per charge, just “hours” :wink:


mAh * voltage [times the voltage again]= […] 1,260J each
the milli- thing should be in there to get us 0.35 J, same in dietary calories, right?

Also, I am wrong in that I think earbuds are those ported things that deign to pass sound from a port on the backside of the bud and that isolation canal 'phones… so whatevs, no idea if it’s any good at letting one hear or not hear things around.
[Looks at always-on streetlight across in a construction zone…momentarily has after-image BUY THE DESPAIR on retinas.]
…and trazeus TES features, and a heartrate monitor that can fight with the watch one, and whatever good things KoS-MOS had in her ears, too.

…is it lost on anyone that VOCs are volatile as in sometimes kinda flammable organic compounds? Does it just go to the point of being a gateway to being on fire for the rest of your life and then kids are like FOREVER! Flamey flames and me! Undetectably! In Calc III!

…I am not sure I understood any of that. At all. I must not be part of the correct subculture.

If one vapes, 1-6 joules to the teeth is a major or industry-changing dental event (and somewhat disruptive to foreign language class,) but 1-6 joules plus another 20 joules of burning nicotine, flavor and vaping fluid carrier is almost a certain shading into non-ameliorable school suspension and/or unuseful damage.

Wait, can you vape-jump? Like the quickly field-proven Quake (Gulf War 1.5) rocket-jump? Obviously not without blast-shielding armor and health bricks, but still…no, Google’s not into it, fuggedabout it.

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