Get lost in time and space with this stunning wormhole coffee table

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Took a lot of forced admiration of a very expensively fitted out workshop, but i think i’ve concluded that the “lost in space” question of house keys slipping down the hole is they end up atop a mirror which is part of the infinity mirror jammed down therein. Shouldn’t be too hard to retrieve among the crisp crumbs. Of course it’s a beautiful piece of furniture art (“furnart”)


What a beautiful piece :heart_eyes:

My cat would immediately stuff herself down the tube section. I should put a watch around her neck and see if it’s different than mine when she comes out the other side.


As we saw, light escaped. Therefore, so would your kitty. :flashlight: :cat2:


Remarkable project and very enjoyable to watch it from start to finish.


Unless it’s a different time on the floor than it is at my knees, I think it’s only linking two points in space. Very cool table!

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At first glance, I read ‘Womble Coffee Table’.

Perhaps it’s self-cleaning.

My first thought was cnc parts for the wormhole, but then I skipped through and he lathes out a big ol’ log of glued shafts… Wow.

Doesn’t relativity mean that is technically, if immeasurably tinily, true?

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