CATable desk designed for humans and cats




My first thought was "Honey, the cat is stuck in the table again." but after looking at it: I envision multiples joining together in some sort of Cat/ant farm structure.


The internet is complete for today smile


does it come with a device to clean cat feces out of it? If so, is that implement strong enough to push dead cat carcases out of the table?


I see anyone reaching for a drink or anything else getting shredded by a stealth ninja claw attack.


Your cat shits on furniture?


Needs to have an integrated sitting box on the surface.


I think that only one of our cats could pass through that desk without the need of assistance...


LOVE that. Thanks for sharing. Also, how did my cat get in the box on your desk (on the left)? They are twins for sure.


Not my desk -- something I saw and sent to the wife a while back as a proposal for organizing the critters (the one to the left is a spitting image of our giant male and the one to the right was an exact copy of my old girl...)


Tablecat is watching you masticate.


I suspect that most cats would ignore the table's tunnels and just sit on the laptop keyboard like usual.


Yeah, that was my thought, too. My cats would be aghast and insulted by the very idea of poo going anywhere but the litter box.


But hairballs would be deposited in the most remote location possible that still allows a bit of liquid to be channeled into your lap...


Interior Design by Arkittects.


Why would a cat shit where it hangs out? I take it you don't own cats.


Yes. Hairballs might be a problem. And hair. HAIR EVERYWHERE. How easy would this be to clean?


In my experience the best way to get a cat to completely ignore something is to purpose-build or buy it for them,


Solution! Purpose build a functional keyboard for the cat to sit on!


Psychology Cat sees through your reverse psychology. Zen Cat is impressed, however.