Delightful cat-sized furniture


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What’s not showing is kitty’s preference for the cardboard box these came in.


One of the last things we got from my Aunt before she passed away last year was a gift for my daughter’s cat. It was one of those crinkle cat bags that looks like a lady bug. The cat naturally ignored said bag and sat in the box it came in. The cat still prefers it over the actual bag she got (though I’ve seen her in it a couple of times).


If the humans can’t fit in the furniture with him our burmese is not interested.


That furniture needs to be perched at least 5 feet above the floor before my cats would sit in it.

Side note: The size of a delightful cat has a pretty wide range.


In fact, they’re really just miniature versions of actual pieces the furniture makers have designed.


Yeah, these facts are known


Mmm, reminds me of a delightful scene from Team America: World Police.



I think I need these for my cats to ignore.

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