Classy sofas for cats


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I’ll just leave this here.


My cat is NOT sleeping with the dogs.


Our cats like our Ikea Poang chairs, we were actually tempted to pick up a couple of the child-size chairs just for them.


If I can’t sit in the chair with them my kitties would not be interested in it.


Of course this looks like it would be even more popular with the feline contingent. Frankly, I wish that they made an adult sized one.


My cat very much prefers my lap over everything else. He’ll use his cat bed begrudgingly when i’m not home.


I’d guess my cat would quickly inspect it and then promptly ignore it, because cat.

Especially if it comes in a cardboard box.


But why should the cat have its own sofa when it can claim ownership of the human sofa? And why should the human buy something expensive for a cat when the cat will be far more happy with a nice free cardboard box, or a line of tape on the floor?


Better than sleeping with the fishes!

(any chance to use this makes me happy)


The cat will lie next to the expensive cat-chaise, forcing you to step over it, trip on the foolish thing you bought, and hurt yourself.


AKA “Scratching Post."


I like her fingernails.


Maybe if it were more upholstered on the inside. Or made out of cardboard. Our cats also like director’s chairs, which make perfectly cat-sized hammocks.


Why buy something I can’t sit in for my cat to scratch up? He’s perfectly happy scratching up the sofas and chairs we all use together.


One of my cats looks just like that one. The sign is appropriate for him as well.

The little furry menace like to hide remote controls under the couch and leaves kitty litter in my shoes. But dammit, he is too cute and people-friendly to get rid of!


Yeah I’ve definitely found that the value of a given seat in my house goes up for my cat if I use it. The more I use it the more he wants to also use it. I found out with a sad cat tree that I sold on CL that places I cannot sit are worth next to nothing to my cat.


I don’t know what that video is about, but I’ve now watched it 700 times.


“Would you rather be a cat sofa?”

If there is a cat in your home, you are a cat sofa.


I’m just going to put this here.