Katy makes couches for cats




Zelda uses it several times a day.

Mademoiselle Kitteh. (Kitteh?!? Kitteh!)


This is very nice and professional-looking!

For a far less spiffy kitty bed that you can make at home, check out this tute:


Added bonus: four minutes in the microwave (the bed, not the cat!) gives hours of kitty warmth and pleasure.


Did I miss this? Was the grey cat’s name already clarified in a previous, previous posting?


I’ve said this I’m previous posts, but in our house the one thing that would guarantee a cat never slept or sat on something would be to purpose-build or buy that very thing for cats to sleep or sit on.

Although if I put my new dry cleaning on it, BAM!


Can’t handle the cuteness!!! Cool website too!! :grin:


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