IKEA now has furniture for cats and dogs


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No matter how carefully they design the stuff, I just know that the cat would prefer the box it came in for its Fortress of Catitude.


Buy One Get One Free


I have doubts that our kittehs would use any of the bookcase inserts. Cheap enough to find out though. As for couch covers, we already use their $3-4 throws for that purpose.


Without opposable thumbs, I think it’s going to be twice as hard for our pets to assemble their furniture.


Shame none of it seems to be big enough for my two monsters.


My dog put his bed together…well, with help from the cat. And the cat only charged him 25 bucks.


This post reads exactly like a page from a catalog.


Or Buy None, Get One of the boxes from something you’ve already paid for…


I have a hard enough time assembling that stuff I really can’t expect my cat to deal with this.


Our cat thinks that ALL furniture is for her.

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