Cats sitting on glass tables


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Hover Cat, you are cleared for landing!


I’ll never understand you cat people.

/leans back in chair, pets echidna




If you do decide to cheer yourself up with a quick google image search for this phenomenon, do be sure to go ahead and stick to the strict formulation of “cat on a glass table” and avoid synonyms…(unless that happens to be the kind of day you’re having…)


I don’t get it. I searched for “feline on a glass table” and I don’t see anything unexpected…


Wasn’t there a rumour that Hitler liked Eva Braun to do something like this? But requiring more TP?


Oh . . . you mean the so-called “glass bottom boat”?


For those of you into cats, these are some incredible photos:


More like Mane Coons amirite


That’s not the BBS-approved spiny mammal.


The first kitteh is Fluffin McButterbutt. I’ve had this cat bookmarked for years:


I want to see one actually sitting, wouldn’t it answer the internet’s best question about whether their anus actually makes contact? That is, answer it without putting lipstick on their bunghole.


Oh. What about the rest of the monotremes?


Hard to say for sure, but I had a cat who liked to sit on our hands or arms, for that warm skin-to-skin feeling. A small, round, warm, patch of skin, the only bald patch besides toe-beans.


well, noses, skinny cat lips, and - dig around for it - teeny weeny nips (boys too).


I’ve never wanted a glass table until now. TOE BEANS!!! <3


Hence, brown shirts (shi*ts?)




Felines are known to take the form of any glass surface they come in contact with. Remember “Bonsai Kittens?”

(Hey, there weren’t as many memes to keep track of in the 90s).