The Wormhole Actualization Machine


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Was the decision to stick with solder-less protoboard for the final version intentional? Why not move to a soldered board once the layout was set?

I’d like to eventually solder all the components, but I only had about 6 weeks to build the entire device. Kind of a cram fest :smile:

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I can’t fully express how much I envy you. I wish I could build things, let alone have tools. I don’t have the time, resources, or mental capacity to make something so beautiful and I don’t have the maturity to not let it eat away at me.

Thanks Erik. Find what you love to do and pour your heart into it, something will stick :slight_smile:

This is so weird. I just had a dream where I met or knew the person who did the voiceover for an Alan Watts youtube video. But I knew in my dream that Alan Watts, Zen master, was dead. So it made no sense that he’d be making a video now. Now I see this post. Which I love - love the wormhole effect and a nicely crafted project. Must have seen the post earlier and somehow the name stuck in my subconscious craw and I dreamed about it.


Great project, but you only really need a film camera with the shutter removed as this shows :wink:

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This is a wonderful use of spare time. Every living room needs a wormhole in it!

I like how you discovered the wonderful 595 shift register/driver chip to make the LEDs do your bidding, and how the state machines are nested, and the lovely steel flanges from McMaster-Carr, and the sloped panels… everything about it is joyous.

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This is a really cool watchamacallit, it is great that it is on display so a good number will have the chance to experience it for the first time.
I have built a good number of radio and other electronic gadgets and they always look like Gilligan and the professor cobbled something out of junk and a coconut.
At least once I got a 3D printer case design became an exercise in CAD rather than frustration.

Alan, this s really neat! But have you considered adding a tilt to the back mirror controlled by a couple of servos? that might let you bend the wormhole instead of having it statically bend to the left.


That was also my one thought for improvement when watching the video. It would not be easy, but it would be worth it.

Does it come with an Interociter?

Any chance of some sort of rough circuit designs? would love to spend some time working on a project like this!

Would be great to see a video with a moving camera so that we can really get an idea of the false depth you’re getting with the infinity mirror. Awesome project btw! Most technology you see in sci-fi these days looks like it’s been developed in the apple style factory for year. This straight out of the lab look is sooo much cooler… presumably there’s a flux capacitor in there somewhere :smile:

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Pretty awesome!

I don’t suppose you could share more info on the buttons? I am looking for those style buttons for my Kerbal Space Program control board.

So a wormhole is a lot like a 70’s disco? Only faster than the speed of SOUND!!

Yes! I really wanted to have the back plane independently controllable, but the time constraints were just too restrictive. Version 2.0 :wink:

What was it in aid of? What was the time constraint? is it a present or a prop for something?

Completely useless piece of art :slight_smile: I wanted to complete it for a SXSW event in March where it premiered and was originally spotted by BoingBoingers.

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