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What if the thing you lose most is your phone?


There are now several of these ‘tracking widgets’ (for lack of a better term). Many use your phone to find the lost object - which means the objects are actually broadcasting wirelessly, and probably not just Bluetooth (if your house is bigger than 10 meters, then Bluetooth may or may not have enough range?). Does this mean your objects can be tracked?

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Honestly, my wife puts the keys in the most bizarre places. Just 2 weeks ago she left the house with a friend – leaving me with the 3 babbies who had planned an exciting trip to the dump and to go shopping – and took all of the keys.

This device would not have helped in such a scenario.

However, I’m regularly digging through diaper bag, purse, sweater pockets, coat pockets, checking the top of the microwave, next to the stove, chair by her bed, top of her dresser, top of my dresser, top of the tv, bathroom sink, diaper-changing-table, under the seats of the car, trunk of the car, etc etc etc.

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I don’t believe the gentleman would sully his cursive with a ball-point.

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Keep your wallet, keys and phone together and you’ll never lose any of them.

Your lovely honey likely has a massive case of post-babbie brain. I have a bad case of it, and I just got the one (nearly 13 babbie).

We have considered that scenario, but her parents have pointed out the same behaviors well pre-babbie.

If that’s the worst I have to deal with…

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Porsche owners who are stoners?

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