Put a Tile Slim bluetooth tracker in your wallet

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/09/put-a-tile-slim-bluetooth-tracker-in-your-wallet.html



Your article leaves out the answer to “What is the purpose of doing this?”

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when I can’t find it

Seems pretty obvious to me what the purpose is.

I’ve never mislaid my wallet in my life but I can see how this would be useful for someone who was prone to that. I’ve certainly used the find my phone feature of Android several times.


I was looking for at least a minimal functional description, rather than an assumption that one is expected to know what is a tile™.

“Use the tile™branded bluetooth ‘homing beacon’ inside your wallet to allow your bluetooth enabled smartphone/tablet to give a signal strength indicator to locate your misplaced items.”


Unless it has a built-in speaker, I’m not putting this in my wallet. I want ass-tunes, man!

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Eat beans and broccoli.


Seems that Apple is about to release a competitor. Might be worth waiting for.

It says it has a built-in speaker.
I could see it being awkard when activated at an inopporTUNE moment.

In a stall at a public toilet.
Speaker activates in one stall.
Another stall, jerk is on a phone; “Yeah, some a_hole next to me is whistling Dixie.”

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Apple has been about to release a competitor for a while now. If you might use one I am not sure it is worth waiting.

I both have a tile in my wallet and was waiting for the Apple version.

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