Good deal on a Tile Bluetooth tracker 4-pack

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I have been meaning to try these. I moved to a small hobby farm, and if you lose something around here, it is pretty much gone.

These look like the ‘bulky’ ones, but if they seem decent I might spring for the thin ones, but 6.5mm v 7.2mm seems like these are good to start with, without much extra bulk.

The kiddos are always misplacing / dropping / hiding the remotes in non-obvious locations and these help with locating.

The constant badgering in the app to upgrade to “premium” services is annoying though.

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We’ve used them for years in our luggage. You know how you stand around the luggage carousel watching and watching and watching for your bag to finally come around? With Tiles inside, you know when each suitcase gets in range, so you can snag it just when it finally shows up. It also gives us confidence that each bag made it onto the plane, though you really have to be onboard early, before they are stuffed into the hold.

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