Get the wireless recharging power battery that looks just like a Walkman

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Uhhh… what?


They keep using that word…

Yes. Yes it will.

Now they’ve taken the headphone jack out of Walkmen? This shit has gone way too far.



If I’m gonna lug something that big around, it’d better at least play my fucking audio cassettes, is what I’m saying.

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One mustn’t underestimate the bond between an '80s kid and his Walkman.


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I have an old walkman housing I was thinking of turning into a phone case and realized there was enough room for a battery (or two!) as well.

I have to wonder if the retro styling here is just to conceal the fact that the power bank is a clunky, obsolete bit of kit many times larger than comparable modern devices, while increasing the mark-up.


Now, show me something that’s an actual Walkman (with headphone jack) AND ALSO a power bank, and then maybe we can have a conversation.

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Adam Savage makes Starlord’s Walkman prop.

Source: Video from Tested/Adam Savage on YouTube, published September 9 ᵗ ʰ, 2019.

One could use this powerbank as a prop, or one could make a prop that was a powerbank, had a MP3 player cassette (a Google search shows they are available), and could also serve as a wallet. That does seem like a lot of work. Bonus points to the person that adds inductive charging too.

A digression- I miss my Awai ruggedized Walkman. It had a nice water resistant case that one of their AM/FM tape players could fit in, so if it died one didn’t have to chuck the whole thing. It was durable and had a UV “meter” that one could slather with sunscreen to see when one needed to get out of the sun. I went to find an image of one of the two models I owned and I must be in a parallel universe as I have yet to find an image of it.

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If I’m going to carry around something as bulky as a walkman, I’d rather it actually be useful, though.

Ow, my brain hurts.

Speaking of problems that didn’t need solving, but God bless the Kurzweil singularity:

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Now someone needs to do this for movies. Turn a (sound) film into a silent one with an auto-orchestra recreating the soundtrack as a live experience…

Oh, kind of like…

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Perfect! That totally works, because you’d also need subtitles/title cards to understand what it’s saying…

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