Replica walkman that you put your phone inside

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yes, i think taking a nice slim phone and putting it inside a big bulky box is a fine idea.


How else are we going to continue to use up all this pesky petroleum, and fill up our landfills with more plastic and e-waste?

(The uselessness and waste of this device is almost as offensive as the copy’s use of an apostrophe in the plural “80s”)


Good execution for a portable speaker, plus the charger pack is a good idea. Hope it takes off so they can incorporate wireless charge. They can talk to Baconbits who did Cassette by KWGT and get a cool interface going for it to complete the look. Set up an audio filter with REWIND/FF/auto-change side sounds. 8Bit breakdance animation screensaver? Otherwise, if you want to go 80’s, commit to 80’s, sprinkle it with cocaine, nicotine-stain the buttons, have a reanimated Ronald Reagan show up to your house and kick you in the genitals.

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Uhh… no.

… on the other hand…


I am thinking, “great urban camouflage against theft.”

Needs to be scuffed up and patched more to look like the original article, but “made functional” for 2021.

I like this idea as I’m from the Walkman generation and not above nostalgia, but I agree with others questioning the utility.

What I always thought would be cool is a Walkman replica like this one encasing a bunch of battery cells that I can use as an external battery. I mean, I often have reason to carry around a standalone battery of that size… might as well look pleasing to the eye at the same time.

I wonder what percentage of phones are exactly the right size to fit in this thing.

Walkmans had fast forward and rewind buttons. Today’s “hip” music apps don’t. Walkmans win every time.

Doesn’t matter. 3.5mm is the minijack standard and you can get an adapter that will allow you to plug in hifi standard phones. Not sure about the “fi” but at least you would get over the ear.

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