Get your face into Meow Wolf's long, striped 'Experience Tube'


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I loved the Meow Wolf installation in Santa Fe. I was there a little under a year ago. I spent 2 hours in the house, could have spent another 2.


It’s an Imago head trap! But, I’m down with “tender jiggling”.



You’re gonna LOVE Meow Wolf. If you’re bumming around New Mexico, I suggest Tinkertown, the Rattlesnake Museum, and the Folk Art Museum.

And eat some Carne Adovada while you’re here, unless you’re dead-set against spicy food.


Thanks for the suggestions! I LOVE spicy food :wink:


My 2yo and I have had enjoyed similar encounters in one of these guys (well, usually with a beach ball as an intervening medium, but still):



Meow Wolf is mind-blowing. Have fun and don’t rush. For great food don’t miss the Jambo Cafe, La Choza, Pasqual’s and for the hottest chile around, Horseman’s Haven. If you need another great destination, Sunday from 10:30-4 is OffCenter Art’s Albuquerque Folk Art Festival, celebrating ABQ’s creativity, including music, poetry and places where you can make your own art. Albuquerque may not have the cachet of Santa Fe, but other than Meow Wolf, it’s where creativity ferments.


I love the way they are pushing this past the gallery to a real consumer product. It’s very reminiscent of Franz Erhard Walther’s early collaborative drawings/sculptures where an object + two or more participants collectively create form through their interactions


It’s a Chinese finger trap for heads.


Thank you! I’m actually going two days in a row to Meow Wolf, to be sure I absorb it all. :slight_smile:


Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for sharing this.



Well after all, the internet is only a series of tubes and pipes… ain’t it?

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