Meow Wolf documentary headed to theaters Nov. 29


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Sure sure, but how much do they go for at Sotheby’s? /s

Seriously though, this looks cool.


The House of Eternal Return is amazing. It is like a fun house with a Lost background story.


Is it all right to question the definition of success?


Reminds me of a non-nightmare version of Christoph Buchel’s “Simply Botiful”


As a native New Mexican I’m contractually obligated to promote anything Nuevo Mexico.

Having said that, Meow Wolf is the FUNNEST FRIGGING THING and you need to not miss it if you’re in Santa Fe.


As a New Mexican ex pat, I can say you are in breach of contract for not putting green chile in your message.

Punishment is you have to send me some recently roasted.

Edit: oh and Meow Wolf (everyone calls it that, despite it not being the name) is what my kids remember most about New Mexico.


Sorry amigo, gotta save the batch I cleaned this year for enchiladas. But you do know Bueno delivers right?


Heh heh, I think he’s in trouble for not sneaking codeword “christmas” into it somewhere.

But nanny nanny boo boo, as it’s officially GirlChild’s favorite place in S.F., I’ll be chilling in the house of eternal return in less than a week when we’re in town!

(and eating a stuffed sopapilla at Tia Sophia’s as soon as I can, as that’s my “Happy Place”)


Too pricey. There’s a crazy supermarket 30 minutes from here that carries it for 1/3 the price. Addiction on a budget.

For a quick fix, there’s a chain called Chuy’s. They have a awesome cheeseburger on the kids menu (seriously, it’s better than most burger places). And they will add chopped Hatch. Green chile cheesebuger, fries, drink, and a pushpop for $6!


Yup. It’s state law. And for those of you who think we’re joking, we’re not. There is a law and we’ve mentioned 2 of three code words.

New Mexican’s treat chile like the French treat wine. Where is it from, what variety, subvariety, when was it picked, how was it processed. Fall picked dried red Big Jim from Chimayo is a solid performer. Summer picked fresh roasted Sandia Hot heirloom from Mesilla Valley is just as good as Hatch, in my opinion.

We’re psychos.


I went there this year. It’s the best place for Happy Mutants in S.F. Just crazy awesome 13/10. I hit my head on so many things.


Um, that’s terroir, and I have seen it applied to chiles. I got some nambe the last time I was at the Santa Fe farmer’s market, that was really good.


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