Getting life insurance with Haven Life is refreshingly easy

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I sold life insurance back in the 80’s 90’s, you have to be comfortable with telling the client they will die some day, or they won’t buy. Strange I know.

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I had a should be dead heart attack in 2012. Other than heart disease I’m very healthy. My cholesterol is, LDL around 50, hdl is also around 50, my blood pressure is way normal, my resting heart rate was 40 due to all the running and I wasn’t overweight when I applied for life insurance 3 years after the heart attack.

My financial advisor ran those facts past several insurance companies, one, I forget which, but it was one of the big players, said no problem but we will require a physical.

I passed with flying colors and they even stated I was healthier than most applicants but they still turned me down because of the heart disease. They had my health records before the physical.

Wasted everyone’s time.

I’ve looked at all the guaranteed issue stuff and no one will give me life insurance at any cost. Sucks for my wife if I go first but we do have a plan just in case. She should be okay but I sure wish there was a little extra just in case my untimely demise comes when a republican is in office and the economy gets tanked.

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Mrs. Ficus used to sell life insurance and told me how it was often best to phrase sales questions in the past tense such as, “if you had died yesterday …”.


I greyed out in the hair department very early, so I could imbue age/years before I had earned them. That gave me a foot in the door sos to speak with senior citizens. Hard to believe, but I was very good at it, I just hated the job.


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