Getting the right amount of smokey flavor when BBQing on a bullet smoker

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I’ve never bitten into any food and though “This is too smokey.” So I’m curious what over-smoked food tastes like. Is it similar to a burnt taste?


It tasted like i had applied chemical smoke flavor.


I made some smoked chicken thighs once that really got over smoked. You couldn’t taste anything but that smoke flavor…I would compare it to how adding bacon to some things can sometimes just make the entire dish taste like bacon.

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I don’t know if you’ve ever been inside a restaurant or butcher shop where smoking meats has been going on for years, but that smell gets into everything, from the walls to the decor ends up embedded with a strong, noxious smokey smell. There’s like a certain threshold where it goes from yummy to yuck. There’s a place in Owensboro Kentucky that’s known for their mutton bbq, and I’m unable to eat inside the place due the horrible smell from the smoke.

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