Ghost holograms gather in Seoul to protest Korea's crackdown on free speech


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Park Geun-hye’s third anniversary in office, to condemn his administration’s growing crackdown on free speech.

Bit of a gender discrepancy in the headline there @xeni.


Shouldn’t “hologram” be in quotes, too?

A hologram is a particular way of storing light fields. It’s not a catch-all term for “image floating in space.”


Pretty much this. This looks like your standard Pepper’s Ghost projection


Yes, President Park Geun-hye may be a power-hungry election-rigging iron-fisted ruler but she’s Korea’s first female power-hungry election-rigging iron-fisted ruler.


Sure it is. Just like “fractal” means “any image that looks cool.”


The dystopian future I was promised is finally happening! So proud of my fellow hominids…


Actually, I don’t think it’s even as advanced as that. It looks like a simple video projection on a semi-transparent scrim material. That can be a cool effect (I did that very thing myself for Halloween last year!) but it’s nothing at all like a hologram.


Like father like daughter


I know Trump makes it look cool, but fascism isn’t the way you wanna go.

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