Ghost plays football


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Another clickbait headline! That ghost is playing American football.


Actually, I think that might be Claude Rains.


But if the incorporeal beings are playing American football, then who’s going to be in goal for the Leafs?


You were looking for futbol.




Just heard the ghost player has been drafted by the Chargers!


“There’s nothing in the rulebook that says a ghost can’t play football.” ~ Coach Todd (Sam Waterstone), Football Ghost, 1998


It’s good to know he’s protecting himself against concussions, but why is he naked?


Ball trap?


It shows what sad and cynical times we live in, as without the explanation, I just would have assumed “Photoshop disaster” and immediately moved on.


The rules for ghost football will be tough to tackle.


I see hear what you did there :thumbsup:


The ghosts I know just play two-hand interpermeate.


I was absolutely sure it was shooped. It’s not shooped. Everything is groovy.


I gave a surprise laugh. That photo is delightful.


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