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Yes, American football is under attack on multiple fronts these days – finally!

Excellent discussion of the racist-mascot and bullying issues here, with Clyde Bellecourt and perennial winner of the Best Sport Journalist on Earth Award, Dave Zirin:

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Number one reason to abolish football as we know it now is that it will hasten the arrival of robot football, and I cannot imagine any scenario where robot football would not be more awesome than what we have now.


Time for Speedball.

My experience with Tournament Cyberball 2020 supports this hypothesis. We only have 7 years to go!

Steroids would be replaced by hacking. Sports medicine takes a hit, while new robotics crime syndicates arise in San Francisco, Seoul, and Moscow.

(This is also my main plot gripe about the mediocre movie Real Steel. How would there be robot competitions without incidents of robot hacking?)

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A couple hackers get murdered, and word gets around that there are…consequences…for hacking the 'bots?

I thought the near-absence of law-enforcement was less plausible than the lack of hacking.

Cyberball! Just in time for 2022!

Sounds like a job for Robocop.

To concuss.

Would be better if the comic worked off of reality, rather than perception. NFL players get arrested about 1/4 as much as the rest of the male populace in that age group.

That link goes on to explain the actual perception people have and admits that it’s likely valid (not that your average NFL player is more likely to commit a crime, but rather that they are way more likely to get off scott free for it). That the sport has earned a reputation for outright suppressing crime’s committed by it’s players is also pretty damning.

And as mentioned in the comments, neither of these are actually controlled for the various factors that people consciously and subconsciously find important. Like the fact that these people, by virtue of being quite wealthy if nothing else, are not the sort that are going to be targeted regularly by police the way the poor are.

For who they are, with all those factors being considered, and the rarity with which arrest leads to conviction, the fact that they are arrested at the rate they are is mostly definitely indicative of a crime problem.

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Not that I’m that bothered by sports but:


Not until <a href=“"target=”_blank">next year…


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Have to admit, I’m having a huge man-crush boner over Kinnaman.

As a lady with a predilection toward vikings, I find him a bit meh. YMMV!

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