Ghost Ship (free pirate-themed browser game)


You what?

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Oh, good, you see it too. It’s not my browser getting hacked by a rogue plug-in.

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Fun, although I think the behavior at the tops and bottoms of ladders could be improved a little. It’s strange to have to jump to get off them, even at the bottom.

I totally agree, the ladders were definitely in a “good enough” state when we finished but I’d love to go back and fix them. In the future, you should be able to walk across the top without falling down and getting to the bottom of the ladder should immediately release you. But it’s a gamejam and you can only do so much with your time and it was way more important to get some of the polish in. Here’s what the game looked like a couple days ago:

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That Roland on the Ropes looks like Fred from ZX Spectrum.

Nice work then!

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