Hackers looking to sell stolen source code of disappointing game 'Cyberpunk 2077'

Originally published at: Hackers looking to sell stolen source code of disappointing game 'Cyberpunk 2077' | Boing Boing

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If multiplayer was out, this would make sense, since you could trawl for bugs you could use to compromise someone remotely.

But an offline single player game? Who would buy the source for that?

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considered to just be Grand Theft Auto reskinned as ‘cyberpunk’ — this game has been a total disappointment

Doesn’t sound like you’ve played it. I haven’t played it myself but all of my friends that have bought it all enjoyed it, i do plan to get it eventually but i’m holding off until things settle down around the game and it’s been patched some more.


I thought it was fun on my PC. The difficulty level is not very high, but it is a lovely bit of 80s retrofuturistic dystopia to immerse oneself in. The characters are interesting, they made at least some effort to include non-cishetero options, and the way characters shift their posture to maintain eye contact with your character is really cool.

It seems like the bugs are mostly an issue for older consoles, where CDPR does deserve some criticism for overpromising.


Boingboing: the game’s quirky, ambitious, and flawed, but generally enjoyable if you can stomach its bugs and horrible social stance


It’s almost like BoingBoing has more than one author.


And little editorial tone.

Yeah, I get it, but this post was comically breathless. Even if the content was terrible, is it hard to imagine why someone would want access to a AAA 3D engine?


This game is seriously, genuinely fun as hell, and I’m playing on an xbox. The bugs aren’t anywhere near as bad as people claim.


You hit the problem here. If you look at a cross platform game and the PC version is good and the console versions have problems, then that tells you it’s a tooling/hardware/scheduling problem specific to the consoles. Given that the problems are being seen only on the older consoles, that underscores what the problem is–old consoles.


I wish the whole ransom code thing was a big Alternate Reality Game promotion. That would have been totally rad. Or maybe ARGs have just evolved to the point where they are indistinguishable from really real crimes.

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In 2-3 years, when everyone’s moved on to the next outrage, I’ll buy a fully-patched, bugfixed, and DLC’d Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam for $20 and have a great experience. Early adopters get early adopter experiences.


The game isn’t horrible though?


I’ve played a lot of GTA, and Cyberpunk bears only a superficial resemblance to GTA.

Anyone who claims it is just a reskin hasn’t played one or the other, possibly either.

Edit: And yes, despite some graphical glitches and sometimes crashing out (XBox One X), it is actually a pretty good game. Heck, even Borderlands 3 had bigger game breaking bugs at release.


And maybe one of them actually played the game before reviewing it.

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But, but, but, they’re both open world games in an urban setting!

Honestly, yeah, it is hard to imagine. Rather, it’s not hard to understand why someone would want an AAA engine in general , but you couldn’t use this engine commercially and it’s hard to see how anything you’d learn from it would be worth $1M or more. An MP engine, sure, that would have remote vulnerabilities up the wazoo. But SP?

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