Giant blood clot shaped like the lung it came out of


A friend of the family died in his 50s from heart failure. It’s truly torture. Constantly hacking up fluid pooling in the lungs because you don’t have cardiac sufficiency to keep stuff moving.

Just talking wears you out.

Retaining and purging fluid. Alternating constipation and diarrhea. The family friend died in the tub trying to give himself an enema.


Is it up on ebay yet?


It’s only (!) three inches wide, so I’d say it was in one lung only. He still had the use of the other lung. Of course, he was probably in distress.


Some years back there was a picture on line of a mass of mucus, shaped exactly like this. Likewise, it was coughed up from a lung.


It was only one lung.



We had a patient who had fungus growth on 98% of his lungs. He just started to complain that he has shortness of breath. Died a week later.




He died a while later sadly.


That ain’t a big clot.


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