Watch a freak wave launch a body boarder 20 feet into the air


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E-ticket ride :question: :exclamation:


You humans nothing but tiny insignificant ants.




Nope nope nope.

Man i could go to the beach right now…


Another good one from Reddit


That was rad


“Fortunately, he suffered only from a burst lung”

Hmm, does your dictionary have a different definition of the word ‘fortunate’ compared to mine? Granted it’s not an injury I’ve ever heard of, nor know the severity, but it sure dun’t sound good.

(ETA: as always with these kind of incidents, I know it could have been much worse )


Yes, Fortunately…


Eat it, ants.



Wrong place, wrong time.


ONLY was the word in that sentence that stood out to me.


Apparently it’s when you try to hold your breath and the air finds a way out anyhow; you overpressurize your lung by accident. Divers get a version when ascending too fast (‘the bends’). Thanks, Wikipedia!


More info on bursting a lung. Doesn’t sound particularly pleasant.


In Australia, everything is trying to kill you.


While Australia is the undisputed screaming death capital of the planet, I don’t think we can give them credit in this one. The ocean is trying to kill us all, all the time, everywhere.

Watch this giant squid latch onto a guy's paddleboard
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