Watch the most intense surfing wipeout you've ever seen

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My dad used to be stationed in Hawaii for a short time. He said he almost died getting slammed onto coral surfing.

The initial fall seems more like a 20 foot fall on a 40 foot wave. Now as someone in the youtube comments noted, once he’s in the wave he gets pulled up to the top again and then tossed back down in the break. I’ve point out what could be him in the water in this screengrab.


Ahh yes, Hawaii, where the waves say hello and goodbye at the same time.


Are surf leashes engineered to break and separate the surfer from the board at a specific force?

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Nasty but I still think Jay Moriarty’s wipeout at Mavericks is the benchmark given how notoriously dangerous the place is and especially considering the kid was only 16.


Jesus H. that’s painful to watch.

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Great call. I totally missed that the first 20 times i watched. Thx!

We had a moment on the ski where we both laughed and tripped out that I was still alive. My board was completely destroyed, though.

Bummer man. But hey, cool you’re not like, you know, dead.

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I keep reading the headline as “most intense suffering wipeout”

He was at least smart enough to use an extra-long tether to his board. The last thing you want is to get by a surf board falling from a height of 4 stories. It appears to have landed about 15 feet or more from him.

Yeah, when the board breaks.

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[quote=“bjones1, post:6, topic:73075, full:true”]
play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
[/quote]Don’t play. Don’t win anything.

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