Rare surf competition held in honor of Hawaiian hero may soon take place


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Finally the police will have their chance to capture those elusive bank robbers known only as the ex-presidents.

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I have to say that those guys have brass balls to go out surfing on three story tall waves. If you screw up and let it crash on you it could be fatal.

Eddie was a real waterman.

My invitation’s on the mantlepiece, by the way. Next to my grandfather’s carriage clock. Will send pics.


Wait, did I just watch a snuff video with like 30 people dying in it?

35 feet or higher Hawaiian scale makes about 65 foot wave faces. That’s very tall ceilings in that three story building.

We went for ‘surfing’ lessons in Hawaii in November. While I was able to stand up, it was fairly awkward and utterly exhausting. I have enormous respect for the people surfing those waves, there is no way I would ever be that good.

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