Monster surf hits Hawaii


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California is waiting…
Mavericks surf contest could be held on Friday


fav jaws clip:


Sounds terrifying but awesome.

I used to live in Tofino, on Vancouver Island. Every winter they would get some epic storms hammering the beaches (so much so that it is now a tourist draw). Always awesome to watch (from a safe and high rock).

Newspaper says they’ve confirmed Mavericks will be happening, and even many of the areas that don’t normally get the big waves will see 10-13 feet. (So if you don’t know how to surf big waves, GTFO of the water, watch out for sneaker waves if you’re on the beach, and enjoy watching the cool weather.) (I’m saying this as somebody who surfs small waves badly; even 10 feet is nothing to mess with.)


I lived in Santa Cruz, down the road from Mavs, and when the surf was thumping (and once I’d gotten my fill and couldn’t paddle any more or was too cold) we’d head up to Mavericks to see the action. Even for the non-surfer, watching the big waves roll in at Steamer Lane just west of downtown was impressive enough and more so due to the surfers shredding them. But seeing Mavericks on a big swell was something altogether different–at the very least it shows what Mother Nature can conjure up on her own. Granted, it’s a bit of a spectacle since the big days bring out quite a few observers, but well worth the drive and crowd annoyance.

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Go Snips!

Need Greg ‘Da Bull’…

Around here, we don’t go for height, we go for length.


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