Mark Mothersbaugh nearly died from COVID: "For anybody that’s doubting whether the coronavirus is real, it’s really real."

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So when that problem came along, he found it hard to whip it?

Joking aside (after reading the article), he had a harrowing time indeed. So good to hear he’s more or less okay.


Glad he’s okay! I’m sorry he had to go through this. I’m sorry that so many people in the US have had to go through this…


I hate to sound all doctor-y, but the delusion part caught my attention. The effects this thing has on the central nervous system have really not gotten enough attention. The idea of contacting a respiratory virus that kicks your ass for a while and takes a chunk of what makes you, you when it finally goes is fucking terrifying. But yeah, let’s just all go get it do we can get back to business…


Goddammit 2020, you do not get to take Mark Mothersbaugh away from us.

From the LA Times article:

From Greenspan’s perspective, the virus steamrolled through her husband’s system. “It went from, ‘I don’t feel good’ on Tuesday to an ambulance to Cedars on Saturday. It was terrifying.” She believes that the nurse, Patricia Lineweaver, saved Mothersbaugh’s life.

Thank you, Patricia Lineweaver!


When I had a bad fever (swine flu), I heard voices that were difficult to understand or were confusing. Sometimes I’d hear a voice clearly call my name other times it was just kind of a mumble that didn’t make sense. In my case I just described a hallucination, not a delusion, but sometimes people get the terms confused. My random speculation aside …

delusions lasted more than two weeks during his time both on and off the ventilator.

That’s a long time to be in a poor mental state! :open_mouth:


Mothersbaugh has been warning us about the disintegration of the US for 40 years, and in that time he’s been perfectly correct. Forty years of monotonic decline.


I once inexplicably caught a staph infection in a badly sprained ankle that was misdiagnosed and ignored until my fever spiked to 105F.

Some time in the early a.m., my mom came downstairs when she heard the TV on. I was hiding behind the ottoman watching an episode of TJ Hooker. She asked me what I was doing, and I whisper-yelled, “Mom! Be quiet! I’m on a stakeout!”

I was in the hospital by breakfast and stayed there for a couple weeks–damn near lost my left foot but was saved by some emergency surgery.

There’s no reason to panic over an illness, but you gotta take it seriously just in case it turns into a worst-case scenario. (I’m looking your way USA.)


The vascular scarring is nothing to poo poo either. I suspect that we’re going to find out that even having had mild or asymptomatic infections will have long term consequences that may not rear their ugly heads for decades.


I don’t understand what the point of these testimonials are, in terms of affecting conservative opinion. The young people all think they’re invincible. The old people “aren’t scared”, won’t consent to “be controlled”, see individual cases as outliers, and the whole thing as an exaggeration. The only conservatives who are actually convinced by these testimonials are people like Herman Cain.

Is that the point?

I thought the point was more, here’s what a beloved famous person went through. Celebrity news has its own “point.”

As for affecting the behavior of others, such covid testimonials could remind those tempted to be careless sometimes not to be. If that works on someone, they’re probably not a hardcore anti-masker.


But not his zombie twitter account!


Powerful and moving article. Best to Mark. So glad he’s good!


Even if that is the point, it’s always better to speak out than remain silent. Hardcore conservatives are never the audience for any message from the normals. They won’t be convinced by anyone. However, the world is full of fence-sitters, the oblivious, and apathetics. These people are swayed by the consensus of opinion they hear, so it’s up to all of us to make sure they hear the right one.


Forget the noise.

Mark is one of the people who made noise and sound and lyrics so much more interesting in this world!


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I’m so glad your left foot/ankle/leg is fine! But I must say that this was the funniest thing I’ve read this morning.


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