Giant cat or hyper-detailed model cars?


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/whispering to myself

May it be giant cats may it be giant cats…

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Can’t we have both?


It’s actually a medium cat and a medium car…


What material is he modeling with? It seems tougher than styrene.

Huh, turns out I do have an ASMR trigger…

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With the stuff of life itself!

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Aha the linked article says it is “3mm PVC Komacel board”

Obviously the cat is a fake and the car is real.

My kinda guy! I love his making stuff with old school, hands-on skillz! 3D printer?! Laser cutter?! Ha, During the time others are loading up their files and twiddling pixels, real world progress is happening! It’s a nice feeling to hand bend plastic with a lighter, build up and then grind down (I gotta make me one of those grinding/sanding booths!!) and just plain plow ahead with hand fabrication. Terrific distressing and painting! I doff my modeler’s cap!

Are these cats from Jurassic Park?

Giant cats seems like a much better way to catch traffic violators than cameras.

This one really make it seem so very real with real audio synced until half way through. Wow!

But then they’d just keep batting the cars back and forth between their paws…

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